What is a soft pack battery(pouch cell)? What are the advantages?

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8/5/20232 min read

A pouch battery is a type of lithium-ion battery that utilizes a flexible pouch structure for its packaging. Compared to traditional hard-shell batteries, pouch batteries have the following advantages:

Lightweight and flexible: Pouch batteries use flexible film materials as their outer packaging, making them lighter and more flexible than hard-shell batteries. This allows pouch batteries to be more versatile in design and installation, adapting to various shapes and sizes of devices.

High energy density: Pouch batteries can fully utilize the active materials of the battery, resulting in a higher energy density. This means that pouch batteries can provide more power in the same volume or weight, thus extending the usage time of devices.

High safety: Pouch batteries typically use polymer electrolytes, which are more stable compared to traditional liquid electrolytes and have lower risks of combustion and explosion. Additionally, the flexible outer packaging of pouch batteries can provide better mechanical protection, reducing damage caused by external forces.

High efficiency: Pouch batteries have low internal resistance during discharge and charging processes, enabling them to deliver higher current output and receive faster charging. This makes pouch batteries suitable for applications that require high power output or fast charging.

Low cost: Pouch batteries have lower manufacturing costs compared to hard-shell batteries. The production process of pouch batteries is relatively simplified, requiring less material and achieving higher production efficiency, thereby reducing production costs.

Overall, pouch batteries offer advantages such as being lightweight and flexible, high energy density, high safety, high efficiency, and low cost. These advantages make pouch batteries an ideal choice for many applications in fields such as electronic devices, portable electronic products, and electric transportation.

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